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"Lee Paul and Dr. Oscar Chavez are always on top of things, and they always make sure I'm in the loop. They are great Realtors and Flourish makes it easy for me to stay on top of the market. I can't imagine a better real estate team!"

Enrique Montes | Fountain Valley Resident

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We all know we are currently in a difficult real estate market. There are high-interest rates, extreme housing prices, low inventory, and harsh market conditions.

On top of that, it's hard to find a real estate agent you can trust, resulting in inferior negotiations, overpaying, or getting less than what your home is worth. That is why you need an expert on your team!

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Whether you need to list your home or you're ready to purchase a second home, our collaborative process and strategic negotiations ensure you get exactly what you want in your next real estate deal.

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It’s disappointing when real estate agents prioritize their commissions over getting you exactly what you want. It becomes a transaction, not a partnership.

As real estate investors in Orange County over the last 20 years, we've seen firsthand how frustrating real estate has become.

At Flourish, we’re reinventing real estate by putting your financial interests ahead of commissions and quotas. Work with our team to get the tailored experience and the deal you desire.

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True wealth is more than your property value or the balance in your bank account. True wealth is your home, your health, and your community.

Network Of Connections - We offer connections such as financial advisors, wealth managers, and attorneys.

Vetted Partners - We have a list of vetted contractors, painters, and electricians, who can help you with home renovations or repairs.

We're Locals - We are long-time Newport Beach residents and know the Orange County area inside and out.

Market Experts - We proactively monitor trends and timing of the real estate market.

20+ Years of Real Estate Investing - We understand what makes a solid investment

Personalized Experience - Curated client experiences, events, and gifts.

Join The Flourish Family - We want to be your real estate partner for life.

Help Others One House At A Time - We donate 10% of our net commission to a charity of your choice.

Community-First Approach - We believe in community and regularly host events that introduce you to your neighborhood and local businesses.

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What sets Flourish Real Estate apart is their commitment to really understanding their clients and their desires. They not only take the time to get to know them, but also leverage their industry knowledge, expertise, and local market insights to guide them toward the home of their dreams. We were looking for a new home to start our new family in. Throughout the process, Oscar Chavez worked closely with us, demonstrating patience, kindness, and high energy levels to ensure our needs were understood and met. However, obstacles can arise in the process of searching for a perfect home, and his team was ready to tackle them. For instance, we faced some difficulty in finding a property in our desired location and price range. The dedicated team at Flourish Real Estate conducted intensive research in the local market, worked tirelessly on strategic negotiations, and leveraged their connections to resolve this and secure our dream starter home. If you're considering buying, selling, or investing in real estate, I highly recommend giving Flourish Real Estate a try. Their unique approach to understanding their client's needs, combined with their dedicated efforts and market expertise, makes them a strong partner in navigating the real estate market.
Alexa Logothetis | Newport Heights Resident
I’ve worked with Dr. Oscar Chavez for over a decade and have also known Lee Paul for years. They are the perfect partners for selling my Corona Del Mar condo and finding my forever home in Corona Del Mar. They also keep me updated on a possible second home in the desert. As Newport Beach locals, they have an intimate knowledge of the area and are always up to date on the latest market reports. Their expertise is extremely helpful when touring properties and their website is very useful. Additionally, their dedication to helping their clients live healthier lives inspired me to make some changes in my own lifestyle. For instance, I recently made changes in my own diet and Lee’s advice on physical activity prompted me to start working out again. I am truly grateful to Flourish for all their help in finding my dream home and helping me to live a healthier life!
Andrea Parsek | Corona Del Mar Resident
"Flourish Real Estate is especially advantageous for out-of-town clients like us who relocated from Chicago. They considered our specific search parameters and put in the effort to make our house-hunting visits both efficient and effective. Oscar Chavez strategically negotiated the market value for our first-choice property. Not only did we secure our dream home, but we also saved money in the process. Whether it's coordinating multiple viewings in a short time frame or advocating for us during complex negotiations, Flourish is equipped with the expertise to handle any issues that arise and ensure the best possible outcome. In addition, Oscar’s team continued to help us after the transaction to coordinate our needs after closing while we were still in Chicago and before we moved in. In other words, they did not stop providing us with VIP service even after the transaction. Best of all, they donated 10% of their commission to a charity of our choice – we chose CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County)."
Kevin Kheder | Newport Heights Resident
Prior to Flourish Real Estate, Dr. Oscar Chavez was Chief Medical Officer and founding veterinarian at JustFoodForDogs. He was invaluable to our success and helped us build a national brand. He is a seasoned marketer, executive, and strategist. I have been very pleased with the work that his team at Flourish has done for me! They were instrumental in helping me maximize the value for my home in Newport Beach. Dr. Chavez has a strategic approach to real estate and has been very effective in timing the market. He was among the first to advise me about the current market shift. He has also been very responsive to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Flourish Real Estate to anyone considering selling their home. Thank you, Flourish, for all your help!
Shawn Buckley | Founder of JustFoodForDogs

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